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A la Carte pricing

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Print Release

  You should only have to purchase the items that fit within your plans and budget. 
I offer add-ons like engagement sessions, second photographer, and albums, so you start with basic Coverage for your wedding day and add the items that you want 
   I also have one package with everything I have to offer, in one place and at a special discount.

   It is your wedding and they are your photos. I never charge for print release, so you are free to print as often and as many copies as you like from the high resolution images that you will receive. Your photos will be delivered in a password protected Online Gallery, with a minimum of 750 images.

   Every client is anxious to see their images as soon as possible. That is why I guarantee a Preview set of photos for Facebook within 1 week and all of your finished Hi-Resolution images in 6 weeks.

   Your images can be returned so quickly because every aspect of post production is taken care of by us. Editing, album design, "wed-site" creation are all finished without the need for outside vendors.