About me

I have been photographing weddings for twelve years and there is no greater honor for me than to be a part of the most important day in your life.
All too quickly the details you spent so much time on will be a distant memory.  The beautiful flowers, the cake, the centerpieces, all will be gone.
I am here to capture all those details, but more importantly, to capture every moment you remember, the laughter, the tears, the embraces from lifelong friends, and above all, the love you feel for each other on this day- on the day you said your vows- on the day that your life changed forever.
Photography is about manipulating light, about freezing time in an instant, forever.
 But it is also magical. Just as your wedding day is.

Please browse through my photos, enjoy and feel free to contact me with 
any questions or comments you may have. 
Hope to hear from you soon.








About Me