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boudoir pricing

I intentionally show very few sample images here on the Internet . These photos are extremely
private and I want all of my models to feel comfortable that their photos are for their
significant other's eyes only. Please contact me for more samples.

Where do we shoot?
I will shoot where ever you feel most comfortable. The shoot can happen in your home or
at the hotel suite sessions that I schedule about once every other month.

What should I wear?
You should wear anything that makes you feel like a model or just what makes you feel sexy.
The session is only as revealing as you want it to be. Lingerie, a robe, his favorite sports jersey,
or just pj's, the session is about how beautiful you are not what you are wearing.

What should I bring?
Bring your outfits, at least 3 looks, four is better, also anything that you will need for your hair
and make-up. I like girls to do their own hair and make-up so that they look more natural.

Can you retouch the images?
Absolutely. However, you will be surprised how amazing you will look even without the retouching.
I color correct all of the images and take out a wrinkle here or a blemish there as well as
anything specific that you would like removed.

Do you post these images on your website?
No. No. No. Never.
I can't stress enough how much I value your privacy and I will never post your pictures on my
website, facebook or anywhere else.

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